How This Works
My Service Builder has an excellent way for you to grow your HVAC maintenance business. Building owners and managers all over are looking for help in these areas:
  • Cutting Energy Cost
  • Improving Comfort
  • Improving System Reliability
  • Reduce Downtime Costs

In short, people everywhere are looking for better ways to Save Money! That means they need HVAC maintenance companies who know what they are doing.

Your reward for helping these companies is a long term HIGH PROFIT, HIGH GROWTH maintenance business.

Get started today estimating maintenance contracts 6 different ways! No matter what your customer is looking for you can provide the right program.

Get your free 30 day maintenance estimating account. You'll have access to the fastest, easiest and most accurate estimating software on the planet. If you have decided to grow your maintenance base, you need a solid estimating software package. MSB Maintenance Agreement Estimating is just that, a solid program in use since 1994, online since 1999!.

For a flat monthly fee of $39 you'll have unlimited access to as much maintenance estimating as you want.

You'll also get Great Looking - Completely Customizable Maintenance Proposal Documents, Accurate and Fast customized maintenance agreements. And as for your customer, they get the Great Service they need and want!

It truly is a win-win-win situation.

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Agreement Types Available:
  • Full Coverage Plus
  • Full Coverage
  • Full Coverage (No Compressors)
  • Full Labor
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Test & Inspect

Agreement/Proposal Customization

Manpower Reports

Maintenance Agreement Templates

Maintenance Contract Samples